I’m a busy mama, as most Mama’s and Papa’s are.  But I also love helping other people in my spare time so I wanted to create this page so that you can pick my brain.  Here’s how you can do it:
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If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, feel free to e-mail me.


  • Arthur

    Reply Reply March 4, 2016

    Hi Tracy, I wanted to send a quick note to say that I’m looking forward to reviewing your site. We have similar past experiences with real estate and it appears we both (while I haven’t read all of your posts) gravitate towards FIRE through real estate. I have a wife and one daughter, live in Basel Switzerland, and currently own two rental properties in the US (Massachusetts) that are valued at about 1.0 million USD that generate about $74,400 per year gross (no mortgage).

    A type of learning I hope to get from reading your website are solid ideas about whether and how it would be possible to take that 1.0 million USD investment (currently tied up) and potentially invest it in different properties that could generate more revenue. My take home from that $74,00 after taxes and expenses is estimated to be about $45,000 per year (not today, as I am in a very high tax bracket). There is some room for an equity play in the future (one house is up 100k), but in today’s market, a solid 4.5 % return after taxes isn’t so bad.

    Great work on the website and wishing you every success in building it up!

    Best wishes,


    • Wow, no mortgage, that is fantastic! Nice cashflow. And thanks for visiting and support my website all the way from Switzerland:)

      I’m posting a video about your exact question. It will be posted very shortly, stay tuned for this week’s video.

      As for an immediate answer – you can use the equity built in each of the homes as a form of a secured line of credit (which is like cash) and loan it back to yourself as an investment loan used for rental properties. For example, you have 500K secured line of credit against your homes (you opened one up in the bank), then you use that equity to buy other homes (ex: 2 homes at $250K each) as cash payment or as a downpayment towards other homes (buy five with a downpayment of $100K each and borrow the rest as a mortgage from the banks). I’m not sure how much the banks will lend you as a foreign investor (check with the banks) so you might have to default to paying equity for the other rental properties. You just became your own bank.
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