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How to Get Rich with Real Estate (from Someone Who’s Actually Done It)

Albert Einstein called compound interest “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time”. For the past 8 years, I’ve been investing in real estate to create a life I want to lead. It’s working because of the POWER of real estate investing and compounding.  I wrote an article about this on ‘’ about how I did…

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Tracy’s 7 Phases to a Perfect Retirement

I have been enjoying all of the articles on Retire By 40 (especially Joe’s 7 phases of retirement) so much that it inspired me to write one myself. Early in life, my husband and I worked hard to discover ourselves and determine our values and goals. We wanted our decision making process to be driven by the…

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An Easy Way to Start Your Real Estate Empire

I bought my first property in 2008 in a bidding war in the hot Toronto market.  The bungalow had the shell of a basement suite, which planted the real estate investing seed. But the suite was old and outdated. My family and I proceeded to gut the basement over the next few months. Many estimates…

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Interview with Liane Eng on her Entrepreneur Journey

I am very excited to interview Liane Eng, a young entrepreneur with serious drive and work ethic.  At the age of 24, she bought her first property in Ottawa.  She did it by hustling all throughout university carrying two to three jobs and coming out with a small stash of cash!  Rather than taking the easy road…

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Condo Flipping – How to Protect Yourself

Imagine this happening, buying two pre-construction condos and two years later, the market changes to the downside. This happened to me.  I was left holding two beautiful condos that I really wanted to flip but I couldn’t without losing thousands of dollars.  And no one likes losing money. Condo flipping is hard.  But I survived.  I survived…

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3 things to know before investing in condos

How to Invest in Condos – 3 Things to Know before Buying

Investing in condos is a tricky business.  Here’s why. In 2006, I bought my first condo, rented it out to awesome medical residences and sold it in 2011 for an awesome return (>300% ROI). This got me thinking, could I repeat the same experience investing in condos? In 2012, I invested in 2 other condos, thinking I…

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Quitting my government job was the best decision of my life

Why Quitting my Engineering Career was the Best Decision

Many people have been asking why I gave up my engineering career in the government.  It took me over six years of hustling to work my way up to the dream engineering projects, these dream projects was a secret goal of mine since graduating from engineering.  My government position also had room for career progression, personal growth, and travelling opportunities.  It also…

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Inspiring Interview with Emily Chan on her Real Estate Journey

Hello Financial Nirvana Mama community, It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to Emily Chan, an entrepreneur by heart and a childhood friend.  She’s a mother, business owner, real estate investor, and a stock investor.  If you were around in the 1980s, you may recognize her from an internet commercial with her mom or the…

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Small Towns

Nice properties in nice areas with good cash flow were getting harder and harder to find in my home town of Ottawa. Frustrated with the lack of inventory, I decided to look deeper into my native province, Saskatchewan, thousands of kilometers away. At the time, a particular small town in Saskatchewan was hopping with work…

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Interview with Daria Hill on her Journey to Reaching her Financial Nirvana!

Hello FNM Community! It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to an amazing woman I recently connected with in the past year. Her name is Daria Hill and she has had many accomplishments including being featured on Income Property with Scott McGillivray, taking on renovations DIY-style while on maternity leave and buying another investment property…

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