Have you taken massive action to accelerate your path to Financial Nirvana?

And are you cool with sharing you story on your path to Financial Nirvana, including the bad, the ugly and the great?

And can you honor Financial Nirvana Mama’s guest post policy (see below)?

If so, I want to feature you.

This site is about people are taking massive action to create their wealth and to build new lifestyles.

I want to feature you so you can inspire others to do the same and contribute to the momentum.

Guest Post Policy:

Original content with examples and actionable steps.

Original content please as Google frowns on duplicated content.

Any guest post that is too short, lacks depth will not be published.  600 to 800 words is too short. If you spent a few hours on the article – this site is not a good fit.

The goal is to share different perspectives or information that is complex to understand but you can break it down to simple terms.

Articles that are based on your stories, your experience backed with research (where possible) and with examples including actionable steps are worth publishing.

Well-written in english with no spelling mistakes.

The article should be your finished product, something you are incredibly proud to share, even to your former high school english teacher:)

Please submit it to me in a word document through email.  There is no maximum on content length.  Read a few posts here and try to submit yours in a similar format/length.  Posts shorter than 600 words are generally too short.

Ideas worth sharing.

The best guest posts come from those with specific expertise on a subject related to personal finance, investing and real estate investing.

If your article is published, I’m happy to share a link to your website or book:)

Because this site is focused on real estate investments, and personal finance, please only send me related guest posts.

Here are ideas worth sharing:

  • Your unique personal finance/real estate investment story of how you started (including setbacks) that led to your new life (where you are now and where do you want to be?)
  • Unique financial aspects,  for small business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, hustlers
  • Financial aspects related to having a family and building wealth for your family.
  • Personal story of how and why you quit your job – see similar post
  • How did you build your real estate portfolio while juggling a job, life and kids?
  • Investment strategies for people busy juggling life, job, family yet still want to invest (you need to have done this).
  • Book reviews  of books relevant to this blog’s audience (not of your own please).
  • Creative investment strategies for paying for your kids tuition – see similar post for ideas
  • Tips and Strategies for raising kids smart with money (you need to have done this).
  • Lessons learned during your investment journey and how you over came them.