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Lessons from My Real Estate Journey


When I first started in 2007, I was in my late twenties, and I knew real estate investing was the key to reaching my life goals.  However, I didn’t know where to start, how much money I needed, how to buy properties, where to find opportunities or how to seek financing.

I was stuck and felt alone because I didn’t know any one close to my age who could understand my needs and help me.

All I wanted was for someone to help guide me with a proven system that’s been tested in Canada during the ups and downs in the real estate cycle.  I wanted to learn from some one whose been doing this for years, who has a family, managed a demanding career and doing exactly what I wanted to do and caring about my success.

Like many new investors, I took a short cut and regretted it.  I tried saving money by excluding proper education.  Needless to say, after extensive reading, self-education, and surrounding myself with like-minded real estate investors, I took the plunge and bought two investment properties in a span of a year.   Those early years were rough, there were times of frustration, and feeling overwhelmed.  Those two years costed me endless weekends working on renovations, over $90K in damages and insurance claims as well as psychological pain.   I quickly realized that I didn’t have the systems, the know-how and the support team in place to make it a business.

Evolving from a Virgin to a Savvy Investor

It took 8 years and thousands of dollars building the tools, the support team and growing from the trenches to get to where I am, to a portfolio of $4.5 million dollars of real estate.  Until I received my first pay cheque after selling my condo, after my tenants paid down the mortgage for four years that I realized the significant pay off from real estate investing.  Real estate investing has given me the lifestyle freedom that I’ve dreamed about including spending more time with my twins, having the cashflow pay down my mortgage, taking a year off from my demanding career, affording a nanny, and taking special vacations.

Real estate can be successful with the right support to help you create and conquer a plan that allows you do it in your spare time, and SUITED TO YOUR life.

Are you Struggling to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Journey?

This unique hands-on program is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be, as a savvy investor.

I will work with you every step of the way to remove fear, and the uncertainty that causes you to second guess opportunities in real estate.

This is for you if you….

  • Don’t know where to start because you can’t figure out what to buy, what investment strategy to use, where to find opportunities, or what market to invest in?  With all the excitement about the US housing market, flipping houses, DIY renovation reality tv shows, it’s easy to get confused by how to invest in real estate.
  • Ever second guessed yourself by walking away from an opportunity because you weren’t sure how to analyze the property, how to rent it out and make it a cash-flow generator?
  • Are you holding onto a property that should be creating wealth and a nice nest egg but instead you struggle to just break even or worst, is draining money out of your pocket month after month?
  • Felt anxious about managing tenants because you’ve heard bad tenant stories from the news, your friends and family? You know the one where a tenant stops paying rent and it takes four months to evict the tenant?
  • Find it hard to focus and where to start because of all the real estate investing books, magazines and blogs, workshops that dive into every real estate investing strategy and gets you motivated to chase after money rather than providing you a hyper focused approach and providing YOU actionable steps to take to get to where you to go!

From A Virgin To Savvy Investor

Trying to pull the trigger and invest in real estate, the RIGHT WAY, is not an easy task.  It takes years of hard work, sweat, and tears before you enjoy the fruits of your labour, as I have painfully experienced.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way!  I’ve created this program so that you can propel forward and become a savvy real estate investor by taking years off your learning curve. 

Real Estate Investing is like any investment, it takes time, discipline and knowledge to create wealth and be successful.  If you want to shorten your learning curve, be inspired and empowered with actionable content to jumpstart your real estate journey so that you can:

1) Find a way to generate more income so you can go on special extended vacations
2) Create additional income so that you live ‘mortgage-free’
3) Create a nest egg for retirement
4) Create an education fund to pay for your kids five figure + tuition fees
5) Afford a nanny while you juggle a demanding career
6) Create more options in life so you can change directions and CREATE a life you want to lead

7) Create future income to ___________________(fill in the blank)

My goal is to empower women to invest in real estate, to help you become confident and successful as a real estate investor and help you avoid the mistakes, pitfalls many investors hit (like we did!), while building your wealth with real estate…the right way.

Building wealth through real estate takes time, but it’s worth the wait.  

The One on One Mentoring Program:

Over the next six one to one calls, I will walk you through the following:

  • Provide guidance, support, motivation and empowerment to be propelled to take action with someone holding you accountable and backing you up along the way.
  • Help you create a proven real estate wealth blue print (look at where you are and where you want to be and, and, of course, how to get there) so that you build a life YOU want to go
  • Grow from a virgin investor to a savvy investor backed with structure and a proven system of what to do first and what to do next to help answer: “How to build your real estate portfolio’ and getting the financing to do it so that you stop second guessing yourself looking at properties while providing guidance that instills trust in your abilities to succeed.
  • Help build your expert team.  I will support you by finding out who is missing on your team, identify key people, where you are going to find them and how to grow your network.
  • Show you how to buy nice properties in nice areas without paying market value and ensuring that they are the right investment opportunity backed by systems.  Working with listings in your target area, we’ll identify houses that will work, and plan renovations together (where needed).
  • Attract quality tenants and automate the rent collection system, backed by templates, and documents that protect you as a landlord.

Each of our calls will be customized to suit your needs and your AGENDA to ensure greatest value.

Total Cost of Personalized Mentoring Services: $497

Plus Free Bonus Materials (Value of $250):

  • E-book on ‘How to Buy a Property in 90 days’ to jump start your future purchases with a checklist
  • Over 7 hours of Videos and homework in preparation for your in person calls (the videos are for you to keep forever!)
  • Copies of Rental Ads so you have copies to use for future rentals
  • Copies of Lease Agreements developed by an expert real estate lawyer
  • Move In/Move Out Inspection Forms to manage a property like a pro
  • Financial Deal Analysis Calculator with projections to monitor your financial health in your real estate portfolio
  • Tenant screening forms to interview potential tenants for your future properties
  • Access to my rolodex dream team (realtors, mortgage brokers, property managers, lawyers, accountants)

Plus Free Bonus Tour (Value of $250):

If you are in Ottawa, I will also provide a personal tour of my properties so that you can see through the eyes of a savvy real estate investor, and attain hands on experience of what to look for and what to avoid in your future properties.

This program is not for the lazy, get rich quick real estate investor.  You will go through over seven hours of videos over a six module program plus one-on-one calls and many hours of homework to practice what you learn, and develop your skills as a real estate investor.  Plus, you will get all the guidance, tools and resources to run your real estate investment business.

If you are committed to succeed then I’m committed to working with you every step of the way.  If this sounds like you and want to get started right-away with education, inspiration and actionable content, let’s connect over email or coffee to discuss your needs and see if we are the right fit.

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