How to make your kid wealthy

4 Clever Ways to Pay for Tuition and Make your Kids Wealthy

Formerly published on Canadian Real Estate Wealth According to a TD Bank report from 2009, and accounting for inflation, education costs per child could range from $37,000 (for a live at home student) to $137,000 (for a live away student) when he/she turns 18 years old.   I have twins, I’m expecting that my kids education…

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Athletic Man Jumping Between Rocks In Outdoor National Park (2)

Investing in Real Estate – 17 Experts Reveal their Most Powerful Advice

To jump start your real estate investment journey on the ideal trajectory, I reached out to a mastermind of real estate pros to reveal their most powerful advice.  I got answers from 17 real estate investment professionals including bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, real estate coaches, and top personal finance bloggers. These people have jointly impacted millions of people…

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11 Millionaires Who are Just Like You Reveal their Success Secrets

I’m in awe that I was featured on Huffington Post! Huffington Post is one of the top 1000 sites in the world!   What does it take to become a millionaire? These personal finance bloggers worth over seven figures share the tips that helped them get there.  Click here to read more.

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What to look for in a Property Manager

4 Critical Things to Look for in a Property Manager to Save you Serious Time & Money

  This article was formerly published in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth expert advice forum. In the first week of the last month of their lease, I was aware that the tenants at one of my properties were not going to renew. I reached out to the property manager to check on the progress of…

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Start your amazing life investing in real estate

Six Secret Benefits to Investing in Real Estate

Here is my article published on Canadian Real Estate Wealth website: Over the past three years, the Government of Canada has had to cut $5.2 billion dollars in spending and eliminate 19,200 jobs in the federal public service. If your position had the title ‘scientist’ and you worked in ‘research,’ you were at greater risk of…

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how to get rich cropped image proogal

How to Get Rich with Real Estate (from Someone Who’s Actually Done It)

Albert Einstein called compound interest “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time”. For the past 8 years, I’ve been investing in real estate to create a life I want to lead. It’s working because of the POWER of real estate investing and compounding.  I wrote an article about this on ‘’ about how I did…

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feet out of carv1

Tracy’s 7 Phases to a Perfect Retirement

I have been enjoying all of the articles on Retire By 40 (especially Joe’s 7 phases of retirement) so much that it inspired me to write one myself. Early in life, my husband and I worked hard to discover ourselves and determine our values and goals. We wanted our decision making process to be driven by the…

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What You Need to Know Before you Buy Your Next Investment Property

Bad tenants, large maintenance bills, and insurance claims all piled up to over $90k in damages on my first investment property. It was not what I had planned. When I started real estate investing, I went straight for the deals where the numbers crunched out perfectly. But, I soon learned numbers weren’t the only consideration. After…

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What Batman can Teach you about Real Estate Investing and Working Full Time (Mom’s Perspective)

Another day, another dollar… now off to the Batcave! How did Bruce Wayne do it? Billionaire industrialist, philanthropist, and a caped crusader by night. Where does he find the time? Like Bruce Wayne, I have been living a double – no wait – triple life for many years. Living this life was not easy, but it…

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It’s True: You Really Can Juggle Twins, Real Estate and a Full time job and Here’s How…

I was honored to be interviewed by Breakthrough Real Estate Investing, a podcast on iTunes dedicated to real estate investing. Click here and here’s what you’ll learn: How to juggle a full time job, twin girls and a large real estate portfolio The ins and outs of investing in different provinces What to look for when evaluating…

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