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23 Clever Ways to Solve Your Negative Rental Cash flow Problems

2015 was a difficult year for my real estate investments.  I started the year taking a sabbatical from my government job, and shortly after I ended up quitting. I planned on relying on the property investment cash flow to help pay for my living expenses, but it didn’t work out so well.  The rental cash flow was…

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Trading is Difficult but Not Impossible

How to Start Trading Stocks and Futures to Make More Money

Making consistent income from trading is hard.   I know because I tried.  I’m a perpetual learner, yearning to find new ways to add more income and an experimenter.  Trading has challenged me at all different levels, financially and psychologically. My journey in trading started in 2001, just after the tech bubble.  I started with 1000…

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Retiring off Rental Cashflow is Difficult

Real Estate Investing Series: How to Retire off Rental Cashflow The Smart Way & Be Financially Free

I never planned to quit my secure government job in 2015; it just happened. I always had a goal of early retirement and, during a recent one-year sabbatical, I decided to accelerate this plan and turn it into reality. Finally, my real estate portfolio was generating cash flow that theoretically exceeded my basic living expenses.…

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What to look for in a Property Manager

4 Critical Things to Look for in a Property Manager to Save you Serious Time & Money

  This article was formerly published in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth expert advice forum. In the first week of the last month of their lease, I was aware that the tenants at one of my properties were not going to renew. I reached out to the property manager to check on the progress of…

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Start your amazing life investing in real estate

Six Secret Benefits to Investing in Real Estate

Here is my article published on Canadian Real Estate Wealth website: Over the past three years, the Government of Canada has had to cut $5.2 billion dollars in spending and eliminate 19,200 jobs in the federal public service. If your position had the title ‘scientist’ and you worked in ‘research,’ you were at greater risk of…

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Interview with Simmi Wadhera – Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine Newcomer of the Year

Hello FNM Community! When I first met Simmi Wadhera, I knew I needed to interview her.  She had just won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in 2014 by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and at the height of her government career, she also decided to take a new direction in life and leave her position.  It really resonated…

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How to Get Rich with Real Estate (from Someone Who’s Actually Done It)

Albert Einstein called compound interest “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time”. For the past 8 years, I’ve been investing in real estate to create a life I want to lead. It’s working because of the POWER of real estate investing and compounding.  I wrote an article about this on ‘’ about how I did…

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Tracy’s 7 Phases to a Perfect Retirement

I have been enjoying all of the articles on Retire By 40 (especially Joe’s 7 phases of retirement) so much that it inspired me to write one myself. Early in life, my husband and I worked hard to discover ourselves and determine our values and goals. We wanted our decision making process to be driven by the…

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An Easy Way to Start Your Real Estate Empire

I bought my first property in 2008 in a bidding war in the hot Toronto market.  The bungalow had the shell of a basement suite, which planted the real estate investing seed. But the suite was old and outdated. My family and I proceeded to gut the basement over the next few months. Many estimates…

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Interview with Liane Eng on her Entrepreneur Journey

I am very excited to interview Liane Eng, a young entrepreneur with serious drive and work ethic.  At the age of 24, she bought her first property in Ottawa.  She did it by hustling all throughout university carrying two to three jobs and coming out with a small stash of cash!  Rather than taking the easy road…

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