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4 Effective Rental Income Tax Tips to Keep More Money in your Wallet

Owning a rental property is a great way to force yourself to save money (mortgage pay down) and boost your wealth – when done right! If you are doing it right:¬† the more you make = the more you pay in income taxes ūüôĀ But…There is a legit way to reducing your¬†rental income taxes. In…

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How to make your kid wealthy

4 Clever Ways to Pay for Tuition and Make your Kids Wealthy

Formerly¬†published on Canadian Real Estate Wealth According to a TD Bank report from 2009, and accounting for inflation, education costs per child could range from $37,000 (for a live at home student) to $137,000 (for a live away student) when he/she turns 18 years old. ¬† I have twins, I’m expecting that my kids education…

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Investing in Real Estate – 17 Experts Reveal their Most Powerful Advice

To jump start your real estate investment journey on the ideal trajectory, I reached out to¬†a mastermind of real estate pros to reveal their most powerful advice. ¬†I got answers from 17 real estate investment professionals including bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, real estate coaches, and top personal finance bloggers. These people have jointly impacted millions¬†of people…

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Dalia Barsoum - Top Real Estate Financing Expert

Dalia Barsoum – Interview with Canada’s Top Real Estate Financing Expert

‘Real estate investing is about people first. Money follows if you treat people right. ‘- Dalia Hello FNM community, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dalia Barsoum, Canada’s top real estate financing expert, an accomplished speaker, best selling author and real estate mogul. She is also a regular contributor to Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine,…

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How to be a Much Better Real Estate Investor

How to Invest in Real Estate Series: 85 Actionable Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Investor & Feeling Like a Pro

How to Invest in Real Estate Series: Real estate investing is a great path to achieving your first million+ dollars – if you do it right.¬† Here is a crash course on becoming a pro¬†real estate investor. Real estate investing is a great path to achieving your first million+ dollars – if you do it…

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11 Millionaires Who are Just Like You Reveal their Success Secrets

I’m in awe that I was featured¬†on Huffington Post! Huffington Post is one of the top 1000 sites in the world! ¬† What does it take to become a millionaire? These personal finance bloggers worth over seven figures share the tips that helped them get there. ¬†Click here to read more.

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Lending Loop Review - Canada's First Peer to Peer Lending Marketplace

How I am Investing in Lending Loop – Canada’s first Peer-to-Peer Lending Marketplace

  The majority of my net worth is locked into real estate and that gets me worried from time to time.¬† On one hand, I love the control I have over my real estate investments.¬† On the other hand, I don’t want to keep all my eggs in one basket.¬† The current volatility in the…

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Interview with Gillian Irving

Interview with Gillian Irving of Invest in Student Rentals and Mothers of Real Estate Meetup Group

Hello FNM Community; It is a HUGE honor to introduce you to Gillian Irving, a specialist in student rentals in Ontario. ¬†When I was introduced to Gillian through Julie Broad and I spoke to her on the phone, I recalled how knowledgeable she was about real estate, how open and honest she was about it.…

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23 Clever Ways to Solve Your Negative Rental Cash flow Problems

2015 was a difficult year for my real estate investments.¬† I¬†started the year taking a sabbatical from my government job, and shortly after I ended up quitting. I planned on relying on the property investment¬†cash flow to help pay for my living expenses, but it didn’t work out so well.¬† The rental cash flow was…

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Trading is Difficult but Not Impossible

How to Start Trading Stocks and Futures to Make More Money

Making consistent income from trading is hard.¬†¬† I know because I tried. ¬†I’m a perpetual learner, yearning to find new ways to add more income and an experimenter.¬† Trading has challenged me at all different levels, financially and psychologically. My journey in trading started in 2001, just after the tech bubble.¬† I started with 1000…

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