Build Wealth as a Passive Investor

The Boring and Completely Effective Way to Build Wealth: Passive Investor

How many times have you felt like this? You get an email from your property manager and you  immediately feel your stress levels going up even before you open the email. Here is a sample email that I just received.  True story. ‘The current tenants lease is up for renewal.  They are great tenants and…

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Retirement Planning using Real Estate

Stress Free Retirement Planning: How to Build a Successful Retirement Plan Using Real Estate

Nine years ago, I tried to figure out how much passive income I needed to retire. I followed the advice of ‘expert’ financial advisors. They often recommended retiring with an income of 70-80% of your annual gross income to have a comfortable retirement life. To do this, advisors frequently suggest saving 10-15% of your pre-tax…

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How to deal with a Real Estate Disaster

How to Deal with a Real Estate Disaster: Lessons from the Trenches

Many moons ago, I received a late night phone call that made my heart drop. One of my rental properties had flooded, and the ceilings were raining water. Thoughts of pooling water mingling with electricity crossed my mind: a catastrophe waiting to happen. Thankfully, no one was hurt from this disaster. Painfully, this experience concluded in evacuation and relocation of…

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How to feel safe with tenants in your home

8 Proven Ways to Feel Safe and Secure with Tenants in your Own Home

Here is a great guest post from Daria, a savvy investor on how to feel safe and secure with Tenants in your Own Home. Adding a rental suite in your home could be your secret key to a beautiful home in a great neighbourhood without draining your life savings. TV shows like Income Property have popularized this concept…

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Fast and Easy renovations that will dramatically increase the value of your rental property

Fast and Easy Renovations that will Dramatically Increase the Value of your Rental Property

Renovations can be costly. How many times have you completed renovations in hindsight were not the best bang for the buck? You know all that new insulation you added in the attic?  Or all that expensive pot lights you added rather than going with a normal lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling. I hate to say…

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How to Use the Smith Manoeuvre as a Powerful Wealth Strategy in Launching your Real Estate Empire

Smith-Manoeuvre: How to Use the Smith Manoeuvre as a Powerful Wealth Strategy in Launching your Real Estate Empire

You’ve exhausted all of your savings… You want to buy more properties, but your short on cash and the thought of looking for joint venture partners makes you feel queasy. I had this exact same feeling more than 8 years ago. The thought of going to a real estate investment group to attract joint venture…

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Beautiful English Landscape With Meadow And Dramatic Sky (1)

How to Write Amazing Rental Ads – 8 Rental Ad Tips & 10 Essential Tricks That Actually Work

When the rental market is hot, EVERYTHING rents fast.  I had that easy breezy experience with my 2 bedroom condo in downtown Ottawa. Then my wonderful long term tenants had to move out so I thought to myself, no problem, it will only take days to rent out this cool condo.  The rental market is decent…

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How to Analyze a Proforma Sheet (1)

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Scrutinizing a Proforma Sheet on Turnkey Real Estate

You’re wishing for a boost in monthly income in the simplest way possible. You have strong desires to invest in real estate on the side, without the hassle of being a landlord. You enjoy the freedom passive incomes provides you and you’re not interested in working in the trenches for your investments. You’re thinking that…

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3 Proven ways to build a real estate empire when short on cash

3 Proven Ways to Building your Real Estate Empire when Short on Cash

  You’re thinking only the rich, the high income earners and the ones with inheritance can afford to build a real estate empire. In 2007, I had none of those.  I started out making $38K per year as an engineer (after stupidly declining 2 offers that paid more). It took 3 years to scrimp and…

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A Simple Formula to Make You Wealthy

A Simple Formula to Make you Wealthy

In the past, I was judged heavily, and negatively, for owning properties.  Every time I mentioned buying another property, several acquaintances and friends would call me a ‘slumlord’.  Yet, these people had no idea what I was buying or where I was buying it.   People also loved giving advice on owning real estate, especially those…

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