Build Wealth as a Passive Investor

The Boring and Completely Effective Way to Build Wealth: Passive Investor

How many times have you felt like this? You get an email from your property manager and you  immediately feel your stress levels going up even before you open the email. Here is a sample email that I just received.  True story. ‘The current tenants lease is up for renewal.  They are great tenants and…

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Retirement Planning using Real Estate

Stress Free Retirement Planning: How to Build a Successful Retirement Plan Using Real Estate

Nine years ago, I tried to figure out how much passive income I needed to retire. I followed the advice of ‘expert’ financial advisors. They often recommended retiring with an income of 70-80% of your annual gross income to have a comfortable retirement life. To do this, advisors frequently suggest saving 10-15% of your pre-tax…

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