How to deal with a Real Estate Disaster

How to Deal with a Real Estate Disaster: Lessons from the Trenches

Many moons ago, I received a late night phone call that made my heart drop. One of my rental properties had flooded, and the ceilings were raining water. Thoughts of pooling water mingling with electricity crossed my mind: a catastrophe waiting to happen. Thankfully, no one was hurt from this disaster. Painfully, this experience concluded in evacuation and relocation of…

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How to feel safe with tenants in your home

8 Proven Ways to Feel Safe and Secure with Tenants in your Own Home

Here is a great guest post from Daria, a savvy investor on how to feel safe and secure with Tenants in your Own Home. Adding a rental suite in your home could be your secret key to a beautiful home in a great neighbourhood without draining your life savings. TV shows like Income Property have popularized this concept…

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