3 things to know before investing in condos

How to Invest in Condos – 3 Things to Know before Buying

Investing in condos is a tricky business.  Here’s why. In 2006, I bought my first condo, rented it out to awesome medical residences and sold it in 2011 for an awesome return (>300% ROI). This got me thinking, could I repeat the same experience investing in condos? In 2012, I invested in 2 other condos, thinking I…

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Quitting my government job was the best decision of my life

Why Quitting my Engineering Career was the Best Decision

Many people have been asking why I gave up my engineering career in the government.  It took me over six years of hustling to work my way up to the dream engineering projects, these dream projects was a secret goal of mine since graduating from engineering.  My government position also had room for career progression, personal growth, and travelling opportunities.  It also…

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