6 Questions to Ask Yourself Small towns cropped

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Small Towns

Nice properties in nice areas with good cash flow were getting harder and harder to find in my home town of Ottawa. Frustrated with the lack of inventory, I decided to look deeper into my native province, Saskatchewan, thousands of kilometers away. At the time, a particular small town in Saskatchewan was hopping with work…

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bubbles daria hill

Interview with Daria Hill on her Journey to Reaching her Financial Nirvana!

Hello FNM Community! It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to an amazing woman I recently connected with in the past year. Her name is Daria Hill and she has had many accomplishments including being featured on Income Property with Scott McGillivray, taking on renovations DIY-style while on maternity leave and buying another investment property…

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10 steps build your RE plancropped

10 Easy Steps to Building Your Real Estate Investment Business Plan

Eight years ago, I struggled to write a simple business plan for my real estate investment business.  I found some examples on the internet that looked really cool and impressive, but after diving into them, they ended up costing me a lot of time BECAUSE they were too complicated!  Not only were the plans 100…

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