How Stocks are like CRAZY Kids – A Mom’s Perspective

As a mother with young twins, watching them grow from infants to children, I’ve observed how closely some investments resemble the behaviour of children.  Some children are so easy to take care of while others need constant attention and monitoring. 
I’ve been investing since I was 20 years old, jumping from stocks, mutual funds, guaranteed investment…

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Mixed Views on Accessory Dwellings – Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine News

I shared my viewpoint with Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine on building in your back yard!What are your thoughts in building accessory dwellings in your backyard (think cottage style)? Is it a good idea or not?  Click on the link below for a full story! Mixed Views on Accessory Dwelling Units

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How to Pay the Nanny

4 Clever Ways to Pay the Nanny without Spending a Fortune

  Our first magazine feature!!! We are so grateful to be interviewed on the August Issue of Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.  Two of my articles are also featured in this awesome magazine. CLICK HERE  for a copy of this article.        

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