Draw My Life

Draw My Life – Real Estate Investor

Like most moms, I know what it’s like to handle the stress of raising kids, holding a job,travelling, supporting the family, planning for the future.  All of this takes time and money.  So I worked harder to afford all of these expenses.  BUT the more I worked, the more I accumulated in EXPENSES. The more expenses I…

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#7 Rocks

Top Ten Real Estate Investment Strategies: #7 is the one for me, which is aligned to YOU?

My first real estate investment was my condo, which I rented out to medical residents.  I netted $150 dollars per month towards my monthly “jacket fund” after paying all the expenses. I wanted more money, so I immediately bought another property filled with student tenants.  I put in sweat equity and made it a super…

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Nanny Graphic

4 Proven Ways to Pay for Your Nanny

If you asked me ten years ago if I could ever fathom having a nanny, my answer would have been, “Yeah Right!  In my dreams!!”  However, I quickly learned to change my mindset; I stopped saying “I wish I could afford a nanny” and started saying “how can I pay for a nanny”. Fast forward…

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are u ready to be an investor

Are You Ready To Invest In Real Estate

It was Saturday night, and rather than spending time with my hubby enjoying wine and a movie, we were scrambling to get a house ready for a new tenant move-in.  We were scrubbing toilets, wiping down the showers, sweeping the floor, and throwing away remnants of construction waste.  By the time we loaded all of…

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Smart Investor Mom

Be the Smartest Investor Mom

It wasn’t long ago when I was collecting coupons, drilling into household expenses with a fine tooth comb, and worrying about travel expenses.  I was working full-time as an engineer with a competitive salary, yet, I was moonlighting as a tutor and lifestyle model.  I was working 70+ hours per week to pay for all…

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