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Look Behind the Curtains – Why I Jumped on this 13th Rental Property

Have you been searching on MLS for months and feel like you can’t find any deals?  And when you do find a deal, they are located in high crime rate areas and beside crack houses? Or, you feel like your city is overpriced because you live in one of the most expensive cities in Canada? One of the…

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Monica Paslawski

Monica Paslawski – Another Mama on her Journey to Financial Nirvana

Hello Readers, Today, I have Monica Paslawski from Financial Fitness to Freedom!  Monica is amazing.  Not only is she a mother of three daughters but she’s built a mini-empire real estate empire part-time while juggling a family, a cattle farm and as a teacher.   She is an entrepreneur and life-long learner at heart.  She…

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Lending Loop Performance – One Year Later

Lending Loop Performance: Over the past two years, I’ve been fascinated in alternative investment vehicles other than buy and hold real estate and stocks. Real estate investment has been great to me but I want to diversify and have more short term investments. I have a small stake in stocks but the stock market keeps…

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Thank you Grandma

12 Lessons my Beautiful Grandma Shared to Make you Feel Invincible

This article is dedicated to my grandma for being a great role model to me. She’d left a priceless legacy behind. She taught me to be strong and fearless regardless of the situation. I’m inspired to share this article with the hope that it will enrich your life and make you feel invincible. My grandma was…

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monika jazyk

Interview with Monika Jazyk – Wealth Builder & Real Estate Investment Specialist

“Learn from the experts before you do it on your own as mistakes are inevitable! ” – Monika Jazyk It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to Monika Jazyk, co-founder of Real Property Investments,  author of ‘Real Estate Mistakes- Our Mistakes, Your Success‘ and mother of four cute kids.  She is passionate about helping other people create…

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Rent to Own Smart Person Guide

Rent to Own: The Smart Person’s Guide

Rent to Own: Here is a super informative guest post from Anita Flegg, an expert real estate investor on the rules for success in rent to owns. Rent to own (RTO) is a wonderful investment strategy. Not only is it generally very profitable, it also feels great to help people. I knew I wanted to invest in real…

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Julie Broad

Interview with Julie Broad – The Brand New You

“Your brand is you” – Julie A. Broad Hello FNM community, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Julie Broad (MBA), an accomplished speaker, best selling author and real estate mogul. She is author of the International Book Award Winner and Amazon #1 Overall Bestselling More than Cashflow. Over the past decade, she has helped…

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Build Wealth as a Passive Investor

The Boring and Completely Effective Way to Build Wealth: Passive Investor

How many times have you felt like this? You get an email from your property manager and you  immediately feel your stress levels going up even before you open the email. Here is a sample email that I just received.  True story. ‘The current tenants lease is up for renewal.  They are great tenants and…

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Retirement Planning using Real Estate

Stress Free Retirement Planning: How to Build a Successful Retirement Plan Using Real Estate

Nine years ago, I tried to figure out how much passive income I needed to retire. I followed the advice of ‘expert’ financial advisors. They often recommended retiring with an income of 70-80% of your annual gross income to have a comfortable retirement life. To do this, advisors frequently suggest saving 10-15% of your pre-tax…

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How to deal with a Real Estate Disaster

How to Deal with a Real Estate Disaster: Lessons from the Trenches

Many moons ago, I received a late night phone call that made my heart drop. One of my rental properties had flooded, and the ceilings were raining water. Thoughts of pooling water mingling with electricity crossed my mind: a catastrophe waiting to happen. Thankfully, no one was hurt from this disaster. Painfully, this experience concluded in evacuation and relocation of…

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